There is so much advice available on the internet these days that it can all get a little overwhelming!
We advise the best way to start your own wedding day planning is to remember just that,It is your own wedding and you (hopefully) want to keep it that way!

Family members mean well when offering their help and input but too much of this e confusing you and sway you away from your original thoughts and ideas that you loved. Noone wants to upset anyone but being firm and polite usually works when things get a bit much.

Moving on, start with a list of main ideas and try to keep a theme throughout, one or two wedding theme colours is usually enough. You can start doing research from the main initial ideas you have to bring your wedding from great to fabulous!. Remember not to take on board too many gimmicky ideas though and to keep things classy so that the wedding is memorable for all the right reasons.

If funds allow having a wedding planner does make things easier, taking away a lot of the hard work and stress involved in the initial stages and in turn allowing you to have have more freedom at this special time. A bonus with wedding lancers is that they have usually negotiated great discounts with the suppliers they work with. These discounts can save you lots of money, in some cases a wedding can cost less with the a planner doing your sourcing and all the hard work for you.

Tip: Always research your chosen wedding planner thoroughly.